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#DayOfLearning This Thursday

Valley Torah will be hosting a #DayOfLearning this Thursday (February 21) with special programming at both campuses.

During the day, there will be special classes and sessions crafted specially for our students. In the evening, we are inviting parents, alumni and friends to hear some new and some familiar speakers.

At the Girls Division (12003 Riverside Drive):

  • 6:25 – 7:10 Mrs. Michelle Klein – Happiness
  • 7:15 – 8:00 Mrs. Chanie Pinson – The Power of Learning Torah

From 8:00 – 9:45 we will present a Shidduch Initiative with Mrs. Shirley Lebovics and Mrs, Yehudis Orloff. This is open to parents and alumni that want guidance to reach a happy shidduch resolution for themselves or their children.

At the Boys Division (12517 Chandler Blvd.):

  • 7:00 Rabbi Zev Don Rauch – The Juvenile Delinquent – A Model For Jewish Life
  • 8:00 Rabbi Yaakov Vosoghi (VTHS class of ’98) – Life Changing Messages

The classes above are for both men and women.

There will also be a Late Night Mishmar with Chulent & Sushi for Boys Division alumni, students and all friends of VTHS beginning at 9:00 PM. Rabbi Striks will give a vaad at 9:30 on, The Secret to Happiness and World Peace. Chulent and Sushi will be served at 10:00 PM.

We hope to see you there!

Day of learning schedule.jpg


Gad Elbaz Live

Thank you to Gad Elbaz for giving mini-concerts at both the Boys and Girls divisions to celebrate Purim Katan!



SRO at Night Seder

The first voluntary night seder of the new semester was packed! Nearly 50 boys joined with their rebbeim to learn together after school. The evening concluded with dinner from Orange Delite.


New Girls Lab

Our state of the art Science Lab at our Girls campus was completed in August, just in time for the 2018-2019 school year.

Thanks to a grant received from Legacy Learning Labs and matching funds from our donors, we now have the space and the equipment necessary to offer our students cutting edge STEM experiences.



BMG and Ner Yisroel

During the mid-winter break, a number of our students from Tarzana visited BMG in Lakewood and Ner Yisroel in Baltimore with Rav Yosef Shaliyehsabou. Here they are together with HaRav Yeruchem Olshin, Rosh Yeshiva of BMG.



First Semester Awards



2019 Jewish Journal Mensch


While Jake Schochet volunteers with a variety of organizations, he said ETTA was his “gateway drug” that led to his involvement with other groups. 

Four years ago, the 17-year-old Valley Torah High School senior began volunteering with the nonprofit that provides a spectrum of services to people with autism, Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Read more at the Jewish Journal


Boys Year in Review 5778

Here’s a quick look back at last year.


Satellite Sunday Debut

Sunday School took place in four satellite locations to day for the first time. Satellite locations were, Shaarey Zedek Congregation, Yavneh, Link Kollel and Mishkan HaTorah. Davening, breakfast and learning was available at each location.


Three Chulent Mishmar

Mishmar - 1 (1).jpgThere was a very special mishmar tonight. Rabbi Shaya Cohen, Rosh HaYehiva of Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh and founder of Valley Torah High School, addressed the boys. In honor of the occasion, we had chulent for the boys – three pots of Rabbi Samuels’ award winning chulent. The chulent was sponsored by Mrs. Leah Henkin in memory of her father, Yoel Meir ben Simcha, z”l.


Rabbi Shaya Cohen Speaking on Thursday

Rabbi Shaya Cohen, founder of Valley Torah High School, will be speaking at the Boys Division on Thursday at 5:30.

R Shaya Cohen.jpg.jpeg


Winter Shabbaton 2018 Part 2

We survived the frigid weather on Friday night. The Motzaei Shabbos activities ran the gamut from a Gaga tournament to a moving kumzits.

The weather on Sunday took a turn for the awesome. We put away the scarfs and gloves, and broke out the light sweatshirts. Skiing, snowboarding and sledding were  a perfect way to end the Shabbaton.


Winter Shabbaton 2018 Photos Part 1

We have arrived in Running Springs. It is quite chilly, but beautiful. Gut Shabbos!


Winter Shabbaton Tomorrow

The Boys Division will be leaving tomorrow for the Winter Shabbaton in Running Springs. There is an amazing weekend planned (see the schedule below). Stay tuned here for the latest news and pictures.

Running Springs 2018 Shabbaton Schedule.jpg


Attorney BCC to Address the Boys

Los Angeles civil litigation attorney, Baruch Cohen will address the Boys Division on December 25 on: Killer Litigation Strategies for Lawsuits, Business and Life.