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Girls Mock Trial

It is with extreme pride and pleasure to let you know OUR Mock Trial team has moved on from the Preliminary round to the Semi-finals this year. We are in the TOP 8 of undefeated schools out of 99 schools all across Los Angeles County. This is a huge win for the girls and a huge success for our school. The girls have worked so hard to prepare, and it seems all their hard work has paid off!

Graceful Envelope Winners 2016

In a nationwide art contest, 9 out of 15 winners are students at VTHS Girls Division! Our young women compete in the Graceful Envelope competition every year, and, under the tutelage of Hedy Harris, they have seen amazing success.

9th grade winners:
Shaked Abutul, Noa Neim, Danya Parker

10th grade winners:
Tehila Eglanov, Enya Goodman, Jennifer Khorramian, Yael Mehrannia, Devora Weinfeld,
Yuval Yakobi

Tehila Eglanov

Jennifer Khorramian


Pre-Chanukah Breakfast & Learning

Today’s Breakfast & Learning was an inspiring event for the boys and their fathers (and quite a few grandfathers). The breakfast was yummy and the learning even better.


Real Estate Club

Our Real Estate club hosted Yoni Zisblatt’s Grandmother ( Mrs. Esther Blaich ) as a guest speaker. Over 25 students attended her Real Estate Investing lecture.
Mrs. Blaich shared her vast experience with the boys and enlightened them with her real estate acumen.

Mrs. Esther Bleich


Pre-Chanukah Breakfast & Learning

Don’t miss the Pre-Chanukah Breakfast & Learning to be held on Sunday, November 22.

Father son 2016


Mock Trial

The Boys Division Mock Trial Team participated in their first Mock Trial yesterday.


Summer Program

Valley Torah hosted some amazing soon to be 8th graders for the first ever Creativity Week! The week started with a Dodger game on Sunday and then every subsequent day the students enjoyed davening, breakfast, learning and basketball as well as how to fly drones, improv comedy, cardboard arcade building and soldering.


Girls Awards Assembly

Mrs. Gross was delighted to present various awards to deserving students at our final awards assembly of the year. Congratulations to the following girls for receiving an award this month. The entire Valley Torah faculty is very proud of you!

Academic Achievement:

Raquel Duek
Abby Mazlin
Talya Ohana
Ariel Sarusi
Shira Weinberg

Jodie Marshak
Excellence in Academics:
Atara Bayever
Shiri Feldman
Devorah Gurevich
Amy Levi
Rivka Shusterman
Elly Winchell

Shira Ardestani
Liorit Kohanbash
Zipporah Levine
Siyug L’chachama Shtikah:
Naomi Lucas

Aerial Robotics

Aerial Robotics Club in full swing! Teams learned how to solder in preparation to build their competitive drones!


Beis Medrash Bochrim Arrive

Four young men from Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim, NY (two of them home-grown: Ariel Darrison & Nosson Felt)  arrived last week to learn in our beis medrash and to mentor our boys. They will be staying until Shavuos. Their presence has already greatly enhanced the atmosphere.


Special Presentation

Civil attorney, Baruch Cohen, will be delivering a special presentation to the boys on December 25 at 3:15 PM. Fathers are invited to attend (mincha will begin at 3:00 PM).

B Cohen Flyer - David and Goliath


Israel Advocacy Club

The VTHS CAISE club, our Israel advocacy group, hosted a gala lunch meeting for all its members. They were joined via Skype by Erica Miller, Early Engagement Director at AIPAC.
Ms. Miller shared many ways our club members can get involved and make a real difference in Israel’s political landscape.

Thank you to Dr. Uri & Mrs. Efrat Zisblatt for generously sponsoring lunch.



VTHS ComedySportz High School Team Workshop #1

Rare video footage of our Improv Club


Mock Trial

Since September, Valley Torah Girls Division Mock Trial team has been working diligently preparing and practicing for the Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition. This year, our school was one of 90 teams registered to participate. This past Monday, November 3rd, our defense team went against Valencia High School and won! Our prosecution will compete again on Monday with the hopes of moving on to the quarter finals competition. The team is fortunate to have Miss Ashley Pony, Mock Trial Coordinator, as their coach.  She propelled them to success with her commitment and talent!   A big thank you goes out to Mr. Joseph Avrahamy, parent and attorney coach. His dedication, assistance and expertise was beyond valuable for the competition. Another special thank you to Jessica Lidergot, who assisted the students with their questions and statements, while offering her experience as a lawyer, as well. Lastly, thank you to the Ohana family who all came out in support and assisted as drivers at the competition.


Guitar Club

Rabbi Moshe Samuels is leading our new Guitar Club. Meeting once a week, the students will learn the basic (and some more advanced) guitar playing techniques. A special thanks goes to Brian Berman of Guitar Center for the donation of the instruments.