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Innovations Lab at Boys Div.

With the arrival of the state of the art GlowForge Pro, the new Innovations Lab is now complete.  Thanks to a grant received from the Legacy Heritage Fund and matching funds from our donors, we have converted an under-utilized student lounge into a dynamic, multi-purpose Innovations Lab.
Besides the cutting edge technology of the GlowForge Pro, other equipment acquisitions include 3-D Printers, wireless projectors, new laptop computers and all the auxiliary accessories necessary to make the Innovations Lab a dynamic educational hub of the Chandler Campus.
The lab was completed in time to host new elective offerings for our students, such as a Computer Coding Class and other Technology Innovations courses which will be offered in the fall



Generations Learning

A large crowd of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and friends joined our students today for our Generations Learning program. After davening, they were treated to a deluxe breakfast. Everyone broke into chavrusa groups to prepare for Rabbi Grama’s shiur on the afikomen. Thank you all for coming.


Spring Training

The baseball team starts training for opening day by practicing stopping those ground balls in our new sports court.


So Close, But not Quite

Valley Torah lost to Shalhevet 53-51 in overtime play in the Sarachek Tournament championship game. After dinner, they will come home tonight with the second place trophy.



Really Big Game Today

Valley Torah faces off against Shalhevet for the Sarachek championship toady at 11:30 AM PDT. Watch live at


On to the Championships!

Valley Torah beat Magen David 43-38 in the Sarachek Tournament semifinal!

Tomorrow, we will play Shalhevet for the championship at 11:30 PDT. You can watch live at


Big Win, and On To Next Game

Valley Torah beat RASG (Miami) 51-42 in the YU Sarachek quarterfinals.

They move on to the semifinal round with a game on Sunday at 3:00 EDT (noon here in LA) against 3rd seeded Magen David (undefeated in Yeshiva League play) from Brooklyn.

You can watch the game live at

Here is the team in the locker room after their win.



Big Game Tomorrow

Our basketball team will be playing RASG from Miami in our first game in this year’s YU Sarachek tournament. The game will tip-off tomorrow at 1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM in Los Angeles). You can watch the game live at

Valley Torah was seeded 2nd in the tournament and enjoyed a bye in the first round. ( ranked us in a first place tie with Shalhevet.)

In the picture below, the team is powering up for the game.

PS Thank you to everyone that donated to help some needy students make it to the tournament! There are other students that need assistance and you can donate at the VTHS Sports Program Giving page.



Senior Boys in NY

While the Varsity basketball team is battling for the Sarachek trophy, the seniors are touring NY city with Rabbi Grama. Their first stop was Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens. The Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Dovid Harris, Shlita, generously gave of his time to meet with the boys.


Thank You 1 Million Times Over

We would like to thank everyone who made our #GoBeyond campaign a success. Thank you to everyone who generously donated, and to all staff and volunteers that ran the show. A special thanks goes to are students that worked so hard in our Operations Rooms to get us to our goal.


Purim Chagigah 5778


Purim Chagigah Video 5777

Just to get into the Purim mood, watch the highlight video of lats year’s Deep Sea Chagigah.


Zusha Live Pre-Purim Concert


Boys Torah Honor Roll

9th Grade

Liam Abucasis, Uriya Kahan, Adiel Kohanbash, Eliyahu Kublin, Ariel Nasseri, Yehuda Noble, Elliott Roessler, Mendel Solomon

Siyum - 10.jpg

10th Grade

Michael Arashebn, Micha Bayever, Aaron Imanoel, Sammy Kohanteb, Yosee Kreitenberg, Moshe Litenatsky, Ezra PollackSiyum - 11.jpg

11th Grade

Eitan Abrishami, Shimon Danaei, Matan Imanoel, Michael Jian, Akiva Kamornick, Sammy Kaszirer, Ethan Kiaei, Alex Ribibo, Mendi Rafi, Rafi Rubenstein, Jake Schochet, Eli SolomonSiyum - 12.jpg

12th Grade

Ari Yosef Cohentov, Yehuda Jian, Ari Pollack, Uriel SadeghiSiyum - 13.jpg


Siyum Tonight

The Boys Division celebrated the completion of mishnayos Mesechta Gittin with a gala siyum.