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Midwest Visit

Rabbi Stulberger served as the Scholar in Residence for the Missouri Torah Institute in St. Louis this past Shabbos. He met with the students, beis medrash, staff and community members. Rabbi Josh Bregman – a Valley Torah graduate and their Vice President of Development – was instrumental in arranging this trip.


East Coast Alumni Reunion

Rabbi Stulberger greeted 40 VTHS alumni and spouses this Motzaei Shabbos at our annual East Coast Reunion. A special thanks to Dalia Frend, Brana Harris, Miriam Silver, Rachel Johnson, Michael Kohanfars and Hillel Striks for all their help.


Alumnus Makes a Splash

Ami Horowitz is a political analyst, filmmaker and member of VTHS Class of 1990. When President Trump referenced Ami’s video about immigrants to Sweden, the Twittersphere (and everyone else) went wild. The story – and Ami – made it to the front page of the New York Times. Even more importantly, Ami was the MC at the VTHS Dinner this past November (pictured below). Congratulations Ami!



East Coast Reunion

Rabbi Stulberger will be in NY on the weekend of March 4th. All our East Coast alumni are invited to a Reunion Melave Malka on that weekend in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens. All the details are in the flyer below.



Boys Alumni in Israel

Rabbi Stulberger met with many alumni while he was in Israel. Here is one picture. More to come.Israel group - 1.jpg


BDE Rebbetzin Zlata Portnoy a”h

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Rebbetzin Zlata Portnoy ע״ה, mother of Rebbetzin Peshy Stulberger שיחי׳. There will be a funeral in New York on Sunday (January 22) at 2:30 pm at Schwartz Brothers in Queens.

The burial will take place in Israel on Monday. The levaya in Israel will meet at Shamgar at 3:00 PM and travel to Har HaZeysim.

Mrs. Stulberger will begin shiva at the Ramada Renaissance on Monday afternoon from 4:35 – 8:00 PM.

She will travel to NY and sit shiva at the home of her brother, Rabbi Naftali Portnoy (122-05 Metropolitan Ave, Kew Gardens).

She will return to LA and sit shiva in her home (12652 Cumpston St, Valley Village) starting at noon on Friday until 3:00 PM, and Motzaei Shabbos until 10:00 PM.

May they be comforted amongst the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim


Rabbi Stulberger in Israel

Rabbi Stulberger will be leaving for Israel soon. There are a number of events for alumni:

  • Boys Division Alumni Dinner – Sunday, January 22, 8:00 PM at Sadigura Hall.
  • Girls Division Alumni Dinner – Wednesday, January 25, 8:00 PM at Sadigura Hall.
  • Shabbaton for Men at Lev HaTorah on Parashas Vaeira
  • Va’ad by Rabbi Stulberger at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim – Thursday, January 26, 10:30 PM

Rabbi Stulberger will be speaking at many Yeshivos and Seminaries during his stay. He can be reached at 052-569-0191 or 818-398-6277.

Rabbi Stulberger israel 2017.jpg


Chizuk in Memory of Gita Cohen a”h

This Sunday (January, 15) there will be a Morning of Chizuk in memory of Rebbitzen Gita Cohen a”h at Yeshivas Ner Aryeh (12422 Chandler Blvd.). Shacharis will begin at 8:00 AM, Breakfast at 9:00. The program will begin at 9:30 and end at 10:30. Both men and women are invited.



Legal Holiday Learning this Monday

All men can join us for a deluxe breakfast and some learning this Monday (New Years celebrated).

Legal holiday learning 010117.png


Latest Mazel Tovs

Weddings & Engagements
Raphael Rosenberg [’10] to Eliana Levine.
Elan Javanfard [’06] to Shira Kohan.
Yaakov [’84] & Chani Szajowitz on the engagement of their daughter Gitty to Yaakov Yitzchak Rosen.
Rabbi Baruch [’80] & Gity Moskowitz on the engagement of their son Avrohom Yishaya to Henya Feiga Lisker.
Lenard [’79] & Sarah Liberman on the engagement of their son Aaron [’11] to Ellie Kremer.
Aaron Liberman [’11] to Ellie Kremer.
Reuven & Yehudis (Schultz [’80]) Orloff on the engagement other son Avromi to Aliza Fine.
Brian [’81] & Sharon (Weiner [’83]) Leyton on the engagement of their son Akiva [’14] to Jasmine Lalezarian.
Akiva Leyton [’14] to Jasmine Lalezarian.
Pedram Farzadfar [’09] to Yael Gidanian .
Johnny [’79] & Miriam Istrin on the wedding of their son Yehuda [’05] to Nina Calmenson.
Yehuda Istrin [’05] to Nina Calmenson.

Ronson [’06] & Elka Moses – a girl.
Adam [’08] & Jessica (O’Niel [08]) – a girl.
Rabbi Benny [’02] & Tzirel Leah Malkin – a girl.
Shalom [’07] & Chelsea Rosenberg – a boy.
David [’02] & Rikki Mazlin – a boy.
Yisroel [BMNA] & Eliana Kovacs – a girl.
Jeremy [’06] & Shelly Shein – a boy.
Yair [’04] & Shayna Silbermintz – a boy.
Rabbi Noach [’99] & Michal Light – a girl.
Rabbi Yehuda [’86] & Devorah Pollak – a son to their children Naftali & Rochel Miriam Trianer.
Rabbi Moshe [’03] & Jenna Kinsbursky – a boy.
Adam & Corinne (Aghabi [’05]) Messinger – a boy.
Moshe Yitzchok [’10] & Moussia De L’herbe – a boy.

Nati [’05] & Kayla Weiss – a boy.
Gene [’80] & Rosy (Pinchuk [’82] Fogel – a girl to their children Yanky & Racheili Bryks.
Bar Mitzvahs
Lenard [’79] & Sarah Liberman on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Ben
Omid [’95] & Deborah (Samani [’00]) Mahgerefteh on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Joshua.

To the Zahabi family on the passing of Mr. Ilan Zahabi.
To the Cohen Family on the passing of Mrs. Gita Cohen.
To the Itkin family on the passing of Rabbi Mendel Itkin.

To the Rahimi & Nosrati families on the passing of Farshad Nosrati.

Workshop by Rabbi Stulberger

blood pressure class 1-01.jpg


Dinner 2016 Honoree Videos


BDE Rebbetzin Gita Cohen, A”H

It is with profound sadness that we inform you of the passing of Rebbetzin Gita Cohen ע״ה, wife of the founding Dean of VTHS, Rabbi Shaya Cohen, עמו״ש.

The levaya will take place Sunday at 1:00 PM EST
Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh
1213 Bay 25th St.
Far Rockaway, NY 11691.

The Kevura will take place in Eretz Yisrael.

Update (4:00 PM PST): The aron is scheduled to arrive in Eretz Yisroel early Monday afternoon. The levaya will begin at 2:30 PM (approximately) from Shamgar and head to Her HaZeisim.

Shiva information: The daughters have already begun sitting shiva at 520 Seagirt Blvd, Far Rockaway. Rabbi Shaya Cohen and his sons will be sitting shiva through Monday evening in Israel at the Plachinsky home (Rechov Rabbi Aryeh 1). They will then return to continue Shiva in Far Rockaway. More information to follow.

May the family be comforted amongst the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.

Summary of the levaya in NY from Yeshiva World News.


VTHS Alumni Mazel Tovs (Summer 2016)


  • Jonathan [‘05] & Aliza Michel – a girl
  • Avrumy [BMNA} & Hadassah Zohn – a girl
  • Yisroel Meir [‘06] & Eli Parry – a boy
  • Rabbi Moshe [‘04] & Yocheved Vosoghi – a boy
  • Rabbi Aryeh [‘80] & Debbie Striks – a girl to their children Hillel & Miriam Striks
  • Hillel [‘08] & Miriam Striks – a girl
  • Dan [‘99] & Debbie Banafsheha – a girl
  • Shimon [‘07] & Leor Bayar – a girl
  • Yosef [‘10] & Sivan (Harari [‘10]) Gamaty – a boy
  • Yaakov & Mrs. Devora (Mishail [‘04]) Barzivand– a girl
  • Yosef [‘08] & Tova Braum – a girl
  • Ben & Hilla (Sage [‘11]) Kozuch – a boy
  • Ben & Sharon (Franko [‘11]) Frager – a boy
  • Rabbi Sholom [‘79] & Debbie (Tobias [‘83] Raskin – a girl to their children Mendy & Kate Raskin
  • Mendy [‘09] & Kate Raskin – a girl
  • Noah [‘08] & Deena (Moshkovich [‘07]) Kay – a girl
  • Yossef [‘09] & Leah Stulberger – a girl
  • Jeremy [‘09] & Sarah Rubenstein – a boy
  • Eli & Eliana (Blumenstein [‘06] Baum – a boy
  • Rabbi Adam [‘96] & Tzippi Eisenberg – a girl
  • Tuvia [‘04] & Bayla Schwarzmer – a boy
  • Yoel [‘05] & Aliza Gabay – a boy
  • Yoni [‘08] & Bina Oscherowitz – a girl
  • Fred [‘82] & Stella (Fogel [‘83]) Wohlfarth – a boy to their children Ariel & Tzivia Wohlfarth
  • Ariel [‘07] & Tzivia Wohlfarth – a boy
  • Solly [‘02] & Sasha (Lantsman [‘02]) Hess – a girl
  • Noah [‘99] & Yehudis (Moore[‘99] Weisman – a boy



  • Devorah Moore [‘09] to Elazar Ginsburg
  • Leora Gabay [‘08] to Sagi Twizer
  • Doni Dror [‘14] to Ariella Schoen
  • Zvi Alkon [‘09] to Jennifer Mendoza
  • Moshe Schulman [‘98] to Jamie Bunin
  • Moshe Levy [‘11] to Devorah Turk
  • Reuven & Yehudis (Schultz [‘80]) Orloff on the engagement of their son Ari to Rochel Pykovski



  • The Schwartzmer family on the passing of Cantor David Schwartzmer
  • The Moskowitz family on the passing of Dr. Irving Moskowitz
  • The Levy family on the passing of Chaim Levy
  • The Tover family on the passing of Sheila Tover
  • The Traube family on the passing of Chaim Traube
  • The Goldberger family on the passing of Michael Goldberger


Smicha (Rabbinc Ordination)

  • Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Blinder [‘04] from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim
  • Rabbi Hershey Goldberger [‘04] from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim

Hold the Date for Dinner 2016

Please mark your calendar for a very special event!

This year’s Annual Dinner will be honoring Rabbi Avrohom & Peshy Stulberger for 30 years of dedicated community leadership. We will also be celebrating Dr. Uri & Efrat Zisblatt for their dedication to Valley Torah High School.

More information will be forthcoming.

VTHS leadership6-01.jpg