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May 4, 2014

Auction 2014 Winners

by vths

Auction 2014 -

The crowd at this year’s Auction waited excitedly to hear who won each prize. You can see the winners for yourself below:

$3,600 Nat Eisman
Macbook Pro Noah Weisman
Travel Rabbi Stulberger
Shas iPad Hillel Kamionski
Canon Rebel Hillel Kamionski
iMac Shelly Striks
Vacation Davidson
Costco Ariel
iPad Kitchen Rabbi M. Aharonoff
Target Hillel Kamionski
Mobile Office Yair Treister
Dodgers Yair Treister
Macbook Air Efrat Zisblatt
Disneyland Brian Leyton
To life Gedalya Winchell
Artscroll Amir Dotan
iPad Air Nashi Rosenberg
Emerald Ring Michael Reichik
Playstation Dr. Jan Moore
Oxnard Yosef Hedvat
iPad mini Yoey Shochet
Shell Jacques Ohana
Universal Yechezkel
Dinner Miriam Istrin
Kindle Tova Loffman
Bed, Bath Beyond Jonathan Coronel
Coffee Eli Bloch
Macys Nashie Rosenberg
GoPro Danny Rahimi
Groceries Moshe Seigel
Best Buy Abraham Ardestani
Pebble smartwatch Moshe Seigel
Children’s Place Dr. Jan Moore
Fly Catalina Dr. Jan Moore
The Shmuz Moshe Seigel
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