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Basketball Team Senior Night


Shabbos Parashas Vayechi

Shabbos Parashas Vayechi 5777.jpg


Chizuk in Memory of Gita Cohen a”h

This Sunday (January, 15) there will be a Morning of Chizuk in memory of Rebbitzen Gita Cohen a”h at Yeshivas Ner Aryeh (12422 Chandler Blvd.). Shacharis will begin at 8:00 AM, Breakfast at 9:00. The program will begin at 9:30 and end at 10:30. Both men and women are invited.



Score is tied at 44, 3 seconds left

JV was playing AGBU – our arch rival – the score was tied at 44 with 3 seconds left. We took out the ball from the far end of the court. See what happened below.


Shabbos Parashas Vayigash

Shabbos Parashas Vayigash 5777.jpg


Mid-Year Award Ceremony


Mazal Tov to the following students on winning awards!
Academic Excellence:(Red – from left to right)
Devorah Weinfeld, Liora Yasmeh, Rebecca Israel, and Aureli Bitton!
Academic Achievement: (Orange – from left to right)

Chana Cramer, Kayla Golan, Naomi Anatian, Yaeli Liberman, Yael Cohen, Shira Weinberg, and Malkie Levine!
Middos: (Yellow – from left to right)

Sarah Andron, Leila Golian, Elinor Shalom, Danielle Yakobi, and Ariel Sarusi!
Derech Hashem: (Green)

Shanei Sibony!

Chanukah Party in NY

Valley Torah Girls Division alumni in NY got together for a Chanukah party.


Shabbos Parashas Mekeitz

Shabbos Parashas Mekeitz 5777.jpg


Chidon and Chanukah Chagigah


Legal Holiday Learning this Monday

All men can join us for a deluxe breakfast and some learning this Monday (New Years celebrated).

Legal holiday learning 010117.png


Latest Mazel Tovs

Weddings & Engagements
Raphael Rosenberg [’10] to Eliana Levine.
Elan Javanfard [’06] to Shira Kohan.
Yaakov [’84] & Chani Szajowitz on the engagement of their daughter Gitty to Yaakov Yitzchak Rosen.
Rabbi Baruch [’80] & Gity Moskowitz on the engagement of their son Avrohom Yishaya to Henya Feiga Lisker.
Lenard [’79] & Sarah Liberman on the engagement of their son Aaron [’11] to Ellie Kremer.
Aaron Liberman [’11] to Ellie Kremer.
Reuven & Yehudis (Schultz [’80]) Orloff on the engagement other son Avromi to Aliza Fine.
Brian [’81] & Sharon (Weiner [’83]) Leyton on the engagement of their son Akiva [’14] to Jasmine Lalezarian.
Akiva Leyton [’14] to Jasmine Lalezarian.
Pedram Farzadfar [’09] to Yael Gidanian .
Johnny [’79] & Miriam Istrin on the wedding of their son Yehuda [’05] to Nina Calmenson.
Yehuda Istrin [’05] to Nina Calmenson.

Ronson [’06] & Elka Moses – a girl.
Adam [’08] & Jessica (O’Niel [08]) – a girl.
Rabbi Benny [’02] & Tzirel Leah Malkin – a girl.
Shalom [’07] & Chelsea Rosenberg – a boy.
David [’02] & Rikki Mazlin – a boy.
Yisroel [BMNA] & Eliana Kovacs – a girl.
Jeremy [’06] & Shelly Shein – a boy.
Yair [’04] & Shayna Silbermintz – a boy.
Rabbi Noach [’99] & Michal Light – a girl.
Rabbi Yehuda [’86] & Devorah Pollak – a son to their children Naftali & Rochel Miriam Trianer.
Rabbi Moshe [’03] & Jenna Kinsbursky – a boy.
Adam & Corinne (Aghabi [’05]) Messinger – a boy.
Moshe Yitzchok [’10] & Moussia De L’herbe – a boy.

Nati [’05] & Kayla Weiss – a boy.
Gene [’80] & Rosy (Pinchuk [’82] Fogel – a girl to their children Yanky & Racheili Bryks.
Bar Mitzvahs
Lenard [’79] & Sarah Liberman on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Ben
Omid [’95] & Deborah (Samani [’00]) Mahgerefteh on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Joshua.

To the Zahabi family on the passing of Mr. Ilan Zahabi.
To the Cohen Family on the passing of Mrs. Gita Cohen.
To the Itkin family on the passing of Rabbi Mendel Itkin.

To the Rahimi & Nosrati families on the passing of Farshad Nosrati.

New Recreation Area Tour

Construction is nearing completion on our new Boys Division Recreation area.

Rec area - 6.jpg

Here is a short tour of the grounds:

The volleyball court is at the back of the new Recreation Area (the brown colored cement is the running track that surrounds the entire area).

Rec area - 1.jpg

In between the volleyball court and the basketball court is the picnic area. We still need delivery of the picnic tables and chairs.

Rec area - 2.jpg

The basketball court comes next. We are still waiting for benches and two sets of bleachers.

Rec area - 3.jpg

Rec area - 4.jpg

At the very front of the Recreation Area is the workout space. We are installing 15 pieces of workout equipment similar to the ones found at LA parks.

Rec area - 5.jpg

There is still street and sidewalk work that needs to be done at the front of the property. Hopefully, you will be receiving an invitation for ethics’s grand opening very soon.


Dinner 2016 Digital Journal

600 of Valley Torah’s closest friends attend our Annual Dinner this week. Many more couldn’t make it that night. But, they placed an ad in out Digital Journal. You can see all the ads below.


Shabbos Parashas Vayeishev

Shabbos Parashas Vayeishev 5777.jpg


VTHS vs. YULA Tonight – Live Blog

The VTHS Varsity basketball team will be playing YULA tonight at Crespi. The game will begin at 8:30 PM

We will be live blogging the game right here as soon as it starts. Refresh to see that latest scores.

Game started. Valley Torah scored first. 4:50 on the first, we lead 7-4. 

3:00 left in 1st, we lead 12-8. 

End of 1st quarter, we lead 16-13. 

2nd quarter: 2:37 left, YULA leads 24-21.

At the half:  YULA leads 29-24.

End of 3rd: YULA leads 39-36. 

We retake the lead 40-39. 

3:30 left, we lead 45-41. 

Timeout. 1:09 left in game. We lead 45-44. 

40.5 seconds. YULA leads 46-45. We stole the ball. 34.3 seconds left for us to retake the lead. 

We make the shot!  8.4 seconds. YULA ball. We lead 47-46. 

We win 47-46!!